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Welcome! Parent & Family Education 2021-2022

Dear Berry Patch Families,

Welcome to The Berry Patch School! Whether you are new or returning to our school, a wonderful experience awaits your whole family. Love and learning are at the core of The Berry Patch School for both children and their parents. With Parent and Family Education wrapped into our program, you’ll have support, guidance, and encouragement in all aspects of parenting and family life. In other words, if you have questions, we have answers!

One common topic for parents, especially at the beginning of the school year, is separation anxiety. Teacher visits are unique to our school. Meeting the classroom teachers before the school year begins on a child’s “home turf” is a tremendous advantage. Take a photo of your child with the teacher when she visits your home. Print the photo so your child can become familiar with the teacher’s face. Use her name often so your child gets accustomed to hearing and speaking her name. Other tips and tools for a smooth transition to school can be found on The Berry Patch School Parent Tip Sheet: Separation Anxiety in Young Children. Download the PDF and choose the tips that will be most helpful for your child.

Don’t forget, Parent and Family Education is part of the program at The Berry Patch School, at no additional cost to you. Contact me at or at 612.619.5777 with questions, concerns, or to set up a time to discuss anything related to parenting and family life.

There are other Parent Tip Sheets on a variety of popular topics available for you as well. Here’s a list for you to peruse at your convenience.
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May the 2021-2022 school year be amazing for your family!

With love,
Becky Danielson, M.Ed.
Licensed Parent & Family Educator
The Berry Patch School