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Welcome! Parent & Family Education 2020-2021

Dear Berry Patch Families,

Welcome to a new and exciting year at The Berry Patch School! We, as a staff, are delighted to come alongside your family in an environment of love and learning. You and your child will experience the dedication, support, and encouragement of well-educated, faith-filled, child-centered teachers. Preschool is the beginning of your child’s academic life. We will provide an example of the partnership needed between the home and school for your child to succeed.

In regard to meeting your needs as a parent, The Berry Patch School offers Parent and Family Education as part of the program, at no additional charge. This year, One-to-One Consultations are available either by phone or FaceTime. Please contact me to set up a time to discuss all aspects of parenting and family life ( or 612.619.5777).

In addition, you will receive a monthly newsletter highlighting a specific parenting topic with links to additional information and resources. I encourage you to share the information with other family members to encourage “same page parenting” in your home. The village will help to raise your child, but it all starts at home.

Parent Tip Sheets are also available for you on a variety of popular topics. From potty training and bedtime techniques to literacy tips and coping with separation anxiety, assistance is a text/click/call away. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

May this school year be filled with joy, love, and excitement!

Most sincerely,
Becky Danielson, M.Ed.