The Toddler Years: Raspberries and Huckleberries

Exposure to School

Comfort at School

  • Affection
  • Closeness
  • Floor time
  • Parent/teacher/child relationship
  • Communication

Communication & Relationship Development

  • Sharing
  • Taking turns
  • Teachers talking, reading, modeling language
  • Relationship skills
  • Music, singing, rhyming
  • Name recognition games
  • Community building

Toddler-Appropriate Learning Experiences

  • Large motor movement in classroom, gym, outside
  • Limited transitions
  • Fine motor skills
  • Flexible schedule
  • Numbers, shapes, colors, patterns

Classroom Exploration

  • Obvious centers
  • Large motor in the room
  • Art materials accessible
  • Easel work daily
  • Intentional individual learning
  • Fine motor activities
  • Sensory experiences (sand, water, textures)

The Raspberries

Children 18-23 months are eager to learn and explore new environments. We provide a variety of activities to capture their young minds and interests during discovery times, projects and free play. Our teacher/student ratio is 1:5 which allows for individual and small group interactions. During this year, your child will grow in the ability to separate, show confidence in the classroom and make new friends.

The Huckleberries

Our two year olds, children 24-35 months of age, are experiencing an important stage of development; they are beginning to become more independent and inquisitive. Our teacher/student ratio of 1:7 provides individual attention and guidance during discovery times, projects and free play. During this year, your child will grow in his or her ability to listen, share and develop independence skills.