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September Parent & Family Education Newsletter

Dear Berry Patch Families,

The school year is in full swing! The Berry Patch is all about love and learning with our friends. I hope you and your child are connecting with friends, both old and new. 

Each month, you will receive a parent and family education newsletter. The topics will focus on the nine Berry Patch virtues: friendship, courage, gratitude, generosity, responsibility, kindness, patience, honesty, and cooperation. The virtues will be taught in a variety of ways throughout the month in your child’s classroom. Extend the lessons at home to reinforce the learning. 

Tips for Friendship Skill Building

  • Be intentional by initiating new friendships and making time to strengthen existing connections. Your children will benefit from your friendships. You are their model for social skills as they watch you relate to others. 
  • Children learn relationship-building skills by playing with other children and their family members. Play is the richest environment for learning.  
  • Model friendly interactions such as sharing, taking turn, and problem solving.
  • Role play meeting new friends using a handshake, eye contact, and a smile. Give your child opportunities to practice with family members. “Hi, I’m Tanner. It’s nice to meet you. What’s your name?”
  • Keep in mind, making and keeping friends is an ongoing skill. 
  • Download The Power of Play from The Berry Patch website.

A friend loves at all times…
Proverbs 17:17a

Your friend,
Becky Danielson, M.Ed.
Licensed Parent & Family Educator