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September Director’s Newsletter

See The Good!

We see always what we are looking for,
and if our mind has become trained to look for
trouble and difficulty and all dark and dreary things,
we find just what we seek. 
On the other hand,
it is quite as easy to form the habit of looking always
for beauty, for good, for happiness, for gladness
and here, too, we shall find precisely what we seek.  
-j.r. miller

Our theme as a school this year is a reminder to each one of us to ‘See the Good.’ As I presented this guiding principle to our staff during Work Week we talked about all the ways that we can be looking for the good throughout our days and that in focusing on all of the good moments that happen we can train our brains to start seeking out the good. We are so excited about this! 

Our staff is committed to lifelong growth as we love and care for your child in partnering with you to lay his/her foundation for a love of learning. Seeing the good in each other on staff, with all of our berries, with our growing relationships with you will be central to our sharing at our monthly staff meetings. 

At home you can incorporate this into your mealtime or bedtime routines by asking the same question each evening, ‘What did you see that was GOOD today?’ What a great habit to form as a family. 

It has been exciting to begin this school year and see the excitement and joy at being back together. There is much to celebrate every day!

We look forward to the rest of September and our berries gaining confidence and trust with their teacher(s) and beginning to connect with their peers. October will be here before we know it with lots of fun activities planned for your child and for you as a family. 

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. 

With Love, 
Molly Lounsberry Dykstra
Director/Co-Owner, The Berry Patch Schools