Raspberries Toddler Preschool program in Edina


Class hours: 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

Children aged 18-23 months are eager to learn and explore new environments. Our toddler preschool program offers a variety of activities to capture their young minds and interests during discovery times, projects, and free play. With a teacher/student ratio of 1:5, we provide individual and small group interactions, fostering confidence, social skills, and classroom independence. Throughout the year, your child will grow in their ability to separate confidently, show confidence in the classroom, and make new friends.

Activities Included in Raspberry Curriculum

Learn more about The Berry Patch’s Curriculum for the Whole Child!

We have our own music teacher who holds weekly music classes for all age groups. Our music specialist will lead our classrooms with the “Music Together” Play Along for Classrooms Curriculum. They get to explore a variety of instruments in these weekly classes.

While your child engages in rich music experiences at school, your whole family will be able to participate with fantastic at-home resources that will be provided by The Berry Patch. Be sure to visit when your children perform Christmas and end-of-year concerts.

Our students will participate in a monthly Spanish class taught by our Spanish Specialist. Children will develop a foundation of basic Spanish phrases through music and movement. They are immersed in Spanish once a month for 20-30 minutes, depending on age. Our classes empower children to acquire the language by natural comprehension and communication through games, music and other fun activities. You will receive a monthly Spanish newsletter letting you know what your child is learning and activities you can do at home. We will also offer Afternoon Spanish Classes for Strawberries, beginning in October.

Fundamental to the love of learning is rich exposure to books and reading throughout the early years. We are committed to this in all of our classrooms on a daily basis. Children visit their school library weekly with their classroom teacher to explore and check out their own book!

Another way we help your student pursue a holistic education is through our outreach program, Children Serving Others (CSO). This program allows children to learn the importance of reaching out to others in our community and around the world through service projects. Our objective with CSO is to help each child learn to become other-focused, rather than self-focused.

As a Berry Patch family, you have access to a licensed Parent and Family Educator as part of the program. We are delighted to have Becky Danielson, M.Ed., on staff and available to you for one-on-one conversations, and both small and large group discussions at no additional charge. The monthly parent and family education newsletter is a wonderful resource for parents too.

Optional Enrichment Activities

Hours: 8:30 AM-9:00 PM

Your child can come to school early to move their body on the playground or in the gym to get a jump start on the day!

Berry Patch East

I am so excited to be at The Berry Patch this year teaching the Raspberries! I love little ones and how excited they are to learn and explore. After graduating from Gustavus Adolphus College, I worked for Target Corporation and Lutheran Social Service in Product Development and Web Design. I have volunteered countless hours in our daughters’ classrooms, as well as other organizations that serve kids. I also have worked and volunteered with children with autism. My husband Jon and I have two daughters, Heidi and Elsie. We also have a yellow lab puppy named Inga. When not at work, I love to be with my family and friends. I love anything outdoors and also am a Scandinavian folk art painter.

Kristin Engman


2016-2017 was my first amazing and fun-filled year at The Berry Patch. My past experience includes both school-age and pre-school children in Edina. I am thrilled to now enjoy every day I have at The Berry Patch as a Huckleberry and Raspberry teacher!

Janet-Ruth Havens


I am so excited to enter my second full year at the Berry Patch! A recent graduate of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities with a degree in Theatre Arts and a minor in Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature, I quickly found that my passion for the arts and love for learning helped me form strong connections with many of the berries at Camp Sizzleberry (our summer program) and in school! I loved wearing many hats around the school last year and getting to know all the students, and I’m looking forward to doing it again. This school year I will be teaching Huckleberries, assisting with the Raspberries, helping with the afternoon program, and floating at the BP East location. I can’t wait to continue learning and growing alongside all of our students!

Cole Seager


It is such a blessing to have been with the Berry Patch since 2001! After 21 years as our in-house Music Specialist with my 21st year also spent in the classroom as one of our Raspberry co-teachers, I made the shift in 2022 to being fully immersed in our Toddler program 5 days a week by taking on a co-teaching position with one of our T/Th Huckleberry classes. While I certainly miss bringing music to our entire preschool program, I love being able to connect more fully with my smaller groups of littles and their families, helping them navigate life at school for the first time, watching them learn through play and helping to set them up for success as they move forward on their school journey. My two classrooms are definitely full of music as well!

I’ve been pairing preschool children with music for over 30 years and have been teaching piano lessons in my home for 30+ years as well and my Bachelor of Science degree in Music Therapy from the U of M has helped tremendously over the course of my teaching career. I enjoy living in Minnetonka with my hubby and watching our nest empty and fill as our adult children move in and out with our oldest, Annika, expecting our first grandchild soon and having our youngest, “Mr. Cole”, back home and also being a part of the BPE staff since 2022!

Kristin Seager


Berry Patch West

I am coming back to Berry Patch for my second year and I am so excited to be with the PM Playmates every day at the West location! Before coming to Berry Patch I was home with my own children, along with 6 other kids that I nannied in my home! My kids are in Edina schools, which is super fun since I went to Edina too!! I graduated from Luther College with Exercise Science and Health degrees. Before having kids I was a personal trainer and youth soccer coach. I played soccer through college and I am so lucky to still play now! I love finding fun and exciting ways for kids to learn, develop confidence, and just have fun! I can’t wait for an amazing year!!

Kendal Andrews


I am so excited to be a part of the Berry Patch family as a Huckleberry teacher. I love working with tiny kiddos and have spent the past 3 years as a fitness instructor going into home daycares and centers to teach 1-5 year olds that moving our bodies and nutrition can be fun! I love their enthusiasm to learn at such an early age. I have a Communications Degree and Psychology minor from the UW- Stevens Point. When not teaching, I spend my free time with my husband, teenage daughter and son being active outdoors, attending their many sporting events and going on yearly road trips.

Janelle Ianfolla


I am entering my fifth year of teaching at The Berry Patch School after practicing law in my previous work life. I love teaching preschool. Watching the kids grow and helping them learn to love school the way I did makes me very happy. Loving my Raspberries and Huckleberries is a joy!

Annie Meyer


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