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Parent & Family Resources

As a Berry Patch family, you have access to a licensed Parent and Family Educator as part of the program. We are delighted to have Becky Danielson, M.Ed, on staff and available to you for one-on-one conversations at no additional cost. To schedule an appointment with Becky, please email her at

October Parent& Family Education Newsletter

Dear Berry Patch Families,

What did you do at school today?”
“I played!” 

If this is an everyday conversation at your home, your child is on the right track! The Berry Patch School’s play-based program incorporates intentional and systematic learning experiences. Learning objectives are taught in direct instructional methods with the teacher leading the learning. Guided play and free play are used to practice and learn skills and concepts. Specific outcomes are associated with both free play (independent) and guided play (adult coached) activities in the classroom and relate to the overall learning objective.

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Children Serving Others: Fall CSO

October 2021

Berry Patch Families, 

Fundamentally, a core of our curriculum for all ages is the social and emotional development of our students. One way this learning takes place is in highlighting a value to talk about, learn about, and role play in the classroom.  As your child hears words like RESPECT, KINDNESS, and EMPATHY they are engaging in activities that are fostering an understanding of how to live these values out.  

Our service learning program (CSO- Children Serving Others) was designed intentionally to give the students and families at The Berry Patch ways to work together to serve children in need in our community and around the world.  

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October 2021 Director’s Newsletter

September 24, 2021

I am writing this newsletter a week early as I will be knee deep in my oldest daughter’s wedding next week! I will surely miss seeing your darling children and their joy at being with their friends at school. 

Here are a few upcoming/ongoing events for you to know about:

Curriculum Night
As the school year gets underway and we approach Parent-Teacher conferences we want to take some time to share with you the magic and intentionality of our Berry Patch Curriculum. I will host a webinar on Zoom on Tuesday, November 16 at 7:30 pm. You will receive more information on what I will be sharing at the beginning of November, but wanted you to SAVE THE DATE now!

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September Parent & Family Education Newsletter

Dear Berry Patch Families,

What a wonderful start to a fresh year of love and learning at The Berry Patch School. I hope you and your family had a great first week. It’s sure to be a terrific year!

At The Berry Patch, learning isn’t just for the little ones. The administration and staff take continuing education seriously. As a staff, we continue to hone our craft in developmentally appropriate practices for preschool children throughout the year. As part of our training, each summer we read a book pertaining to best practices. This summer, we read Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D. and discussed how to apply the concepts in Berry Patch classrooms.

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First Week of School FAQs

September 10, 2021

Classroom visits were SO MUCH FUN! We loved having your family come to school together. It was a joy to see the bond between your child (and you) and their teacher continue to form. 
We are all set to go for our first week next week! Please read thoroughly below for answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions. 

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September 2021 Director’s Newsletter

September 2, 2021
Teachers had so much fun visiting your children at your home this week! So much joy in those interactions. We are gearing up for your visit to your classroom next week. It will be a gift to have our berries back in the building!
Important September Dates (full school year Calendar HERE)

  • 7th Colonial Classroom Visits
  • 8th & 9th Calvary Classroom Visits
  • 13th & 14th First Days of School- Blueberries & Strawberries (Lunch Bunch Begins for pre-registered students)
  • 15th-17th First Days of School- Raspberries and Huckleberries (Huckleberry Lunch Bunch begins October 4)
  • 20th Staff Meeting (No Lunch Bunch, except for Full Day Strawberry class)

Classroom Visit Details

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Welcome! Parent & Family Education 2021-2022

Dear Berry Patch Families,

Welcome to The Berry Patch School! Whether you are new or returning to our school, a wonderful experience awaits your whole family. Love and learning are at the core of The Berry Patch School for both children and their parents. With Parent and Family Education wrapped into our program, you’ll have support, guidance, and encouragement in all aspects of parenting and family life. In other words, if you have questions, we have answers!

One common topic for parents, especially at the beginning of the school year, is separation anxiety. Teacher visits are unique to our school. Meeting the classroom teachers before the school year begins on a child’s “home turf” is a tremendous advantage. Take a photo of your child with the teacher when she visits your home. Print the photo so your child can become familiar with the teacher’s face. Use her name often so your child gets accustomed to hearing and speaking her name. Other tips and tools for a smooth transition to school can be found on The Berry Patch School Parent Tip Sheet: Separation Anxiety in Young Children. Download the PDF and choose the tips that will be most helpful for your child. Continue reading “Welcome! Parent & Family Education 2021-2022”

May 2021 Parent & Family Education Newsletter

Dear Berry Patch Families,

Thank you for a wonderful year of love and learning!  New adventures await your children over the summer months, including Camp Sizzleberry. As the current school year draws to an end, make plans to connect with other little Berries. And make a plan to keep learning!

For young children learning is best done through play. Play-based activities allow children to practice executive function skills like self-regulation, problem solving, and attentiveness. You can read more in Executive Function is Enhanced Through Play. Summer learning can happen spontaneously or be planned. The goal is to keep the learning alive by sparking the imagination. Consider the following tips for learning during June, July, and August.  Continue reading “May 2021 Parent & Family Education Newsletter”

May Director’s Newsletter

May 3, 2021

It is hard to believe that we are down to our final four weeks of the school year! Wow. It’s been a school year we willl never forget– where we all felt the GIFT of our berries being together like never before. Our teachers have been INCREDIBLE in adapting and pouring into your children as they have fostered independence and friendship and curiosity, all of the things that create a solid foundation for a LOVE OF LEARNING. You, as parents, have been so supportive and encouraging, flexing right along with us as we’ve wound our way through this Pandemic while keeping the Berry Patch train running on it’s tracks. THANK YOU! A few items for you for this month and looking ahead. Continue reading “May Director’s Newsletter”