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As a Berry Patch family, you have access to a licensed Parent and Family Educator as part of the program. We are delighted to have Becky Danielson, M.Ed, on staff and available to you for one-on-one conversations at no additional cost. To schedule an appointment with Becky, please email her at

January Director’s Newsletter

January 1, 2021

Dear Berry Patch Families,

Happy New Year!

We are looking forward to seeing many of you this week as we return to school. If your family traveled or gathered with other households over the break, please reach out to let us know so we can help determine your child’s return to school plan.

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December Parent & Family Education

Dear Berry Patch Families,

December offers a variety of terrific opportunities for learning adventures. With all the time we’ve spent at home with our immediate family members this past year, think of Christmas as a jolt of joy. Provide intentional learning experiences punctuated with love this month. Here are a few suggestions to get the ideas rolling. Continue reading “December Parent & Family Education”

December Director’s Newsletter

December 2, 2020

Happy December! Even as the days continue to get shorter and we spend more time at home with it dark outside, it does feel like there is light on the horizon, doesn’t it? We have the Christmas Advent season, a Coronavirus vaccine closer to reality, and a New Year around the corner. Our theme as a staff community this year is “BE A LIGHT” and as the fall has unfolded and we head into winter I am so grateful for how your children’s teachers and the staff that supports them has SHONE SO BRIGHTLY!

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November Director’s Newsletter

November 11, 2020

Berry Patch Families,

Welcome to Winter!

As COVID-19 cases in Hennepin County continue to rise and school districts begin making the decision to shift to more distanced learning I want to answer some questions that may be on your mind in relationship to The Berry Patch. Governor Walz’ Children’s Cabinet is a key for coming alongside early learning centers that are providing care for our youngest Minnesotans at this time. I was on the monthly Children’s Cabinet call on Monday night and heard from the Lieutenant Governor and officials from the Health Department and Licensing. I am proud to be a part of a school community that is committed to following the protocol we have been given and to be among the centers who have been able to remain open.

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November 2020 Parent & Family Education Newsletter

Dear Berry Patch Families,

Did you enjoy math as a kid? If so, great! If not, know that mathematics can be a stressful competency area for many. Add in the “new math” children are taught in elementary school and it can become downright frustrating. But math can be fun! Your kids need to know math is fun.

Learning activities to prepare preschoolers for kindergarten and beyond are already in full swing at The Berry Patch School. Pre-math activities are easy to incorporate into daily life at home too, both spontaneously and intentionally. Pairing socks teaches children matching skills. Counting apples at the grocery store aids in one-to-one correspondence and sequencing. Talking with your child while building with blocks is an opportunity to identify colors and shapes. Continue reading “November 2020 Parent & Family Education Newsletter”

October 2020 Parent & Family Education Newsletter

Dear Berry Patch Families,

Pre-reading learning activities are an essential part of your child’s education. Reading, writing, and communicating are valuable tools which can be taught at an early age. The Berry Patch School encourages pre-reading, writing, and communication skills daily. You can enhance your child’s proficiency by incorporating activities and conversations at home.

Literacy is defined as writing and reading to interpret and communicate meaning to others. Both intentional and spontaneous learning is helpful in gaining competence and confidence. Make the most of everyday opportunities to encourage your child.

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October 2020 Director’s Newsletter

October 2, 2020
Happy October Berry Patch Families,
It’s hard to believe we have already had three weeks of school! There is so much amazing learning going on each day as your child engages in curiosity-building play activities. I have loved watching our staff take their lesson plans and teacher-directed activities and re-shape them as they get to know the children in the class. As we jump into a new month here are a few important items for all families:

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Our First Day Together

It was THE BEST to have your children back at The Berry Patch! It was truly a wonderful day at both of our schools. We can’t wait for tomorrow!

We want everyone to be able to participate in the Berry Patch goodness and this important information from the Minnesota Department of Health will guide us in maintaining a healthy school year.

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September 2020 Parent & Family Education Newsletter

Dear Berry Patch Families,

Happy September to you and your family! And welcome to the 2020-2021 school year at The Berry Patch School. As a staff, we are excited for another year of love and learning.

With the unprecedented changes we’ve experienced, the beginning of this school year may bring a bit more anxiety for families. Here are a few tips to assist you and your child. On the first day of school, make curbside drop-off as friendly and up-beat as possible. Greet the new teachers warmly by name, to encourage confidence in your child. Give your child a quick hug and kiss, promising to be back at the end of the school day, then leave. Think of drop off time as a Band-Aid- quick and confident is better than slow and painful. If separating is difficult, please request a Separation Anxiety Parent Tip Sheet from Jenny Miller (Colonial) or Cara Terwilliger (Calvary) for strategies to make the transition smooth. Continue reading “September 2020 Parent & Family Education Newsletter”

Welcome! Parent & Family Education 2020-2021

Dear Berry Patch Families,

Welcome to a new and exciting year at The Berry Patch School! We, as a staff, are delighted to come alongside your family in an environment of love and learning. You and your child will experience the dedication, support, and encouragement of well-educated, faith-filled, child-centered teachers. Preschool is the beginning of your child’s academic life. We will provide an example of the partnership needed between the home and school for your child to succeed. Continue reading “Welcome! Parent & Family Education 2020-2021”