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October 2020 Parent & Family Education Newsletter

Dear Berry Patch Families,

Pre-reading learning activities are an essential part of your child’s education. Reading, writing, and communicating are valuable tools which can be taught at an early age. The Berry Patch School encourages pre-reading, writing, and communication skills daily. You can enhance your child’s proficiency by incorporating activities and conversations at home.

Literacy is defined as writing and reading to interpret and communicate meaning to others. Both intentional and spontaneous learning is helpful in gaining competence and confidence. Make the most of everyday opportunities to encourage your child.


  • When reading to your child, follow the words with your finger to emphasize left to right progression of the written words on the page.
  • Look for letters and words the child can read, STOP, EXIT, names of family members, etc.
  • Encourage daily quiet reading for the whole family.
  • Build a family library.
  • Make story time with both books and oral stories, a regular part of the bedtime routine.
  • Model reading skills and an enjoyment of books. Avoid electronic books.


  • Draw pictures together. Describe what you’re drawing in detail.
  • Ask your child to help with the grocery list, both in writing the list and reading while shopping.
  • Play alphabet games. Look for letters in books, at the store or at school.
  • Write the words as your child tells a story then illustrate it together, describing the pictures.
  • Write thank you notes as a family.

Oral Communication

  • Interact with your kids. Talk about what you’re doing while preparing dinner.
  • Discuss how things work using descriptive words.
  • Ask open-ended questions rather than “yes-no” questions. Expect an answer.
  • Use FaceTime or Skype for children to talk to grandparents and other relatives and friends.
  • Body language is a large part of the communication equation. Show children how to read cues.


  • Make play part of your day with your child.
  • Play enhances literacy development and communication skills too!

Your child’s teacher can help with additional ideas. The LINKS page on The Berry Patch website has information for parents, too. Also, click on the links listed below for further suggestions.

With love,
Becky Danielson, M.Ed.

The discerning heart seeks knowledge…
Proverbs 15:14a

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Parent education is part of the program at The Berry Patch School, at no additional cost to you. Contact me at or at 612.619.5777 with questions, concerns or to set up a time to discuss any parenting issues.