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October 2020 Director’s Newsletter

October 2, 2020
Happy October Berry Patch Families,
It’s hard to believe we have already had three weeks of school! There is so much amazing learning going on each day as your child engages in curiosity-building play activities. I have loved watching our staff take their lesson plans and teacher-directed activities and re-shape them as they get to know the children in the class. As we jump into a new month here are a few important items for all families:

Highlights on our Healthy School Plan from September
  • Families at both locations doing a FANTASTIC job of using the MDH Home Health Screening and to guide decision making with when to keep your children home. This is so appreciated and is keeping our school healthy for all students and staff.
  • Families at both locations are working closely with us to use the MDH Decision Tree to determine next steps for return to school.
  • COVID-19 Tests being taken for children with ONE more common symptom or TWO less common symptoms: All tests have come back NEGATIVE!
Reminders for Keeping our School Healthy
  • Be sure to email your teacher AND assistant director for an absences (illness or otherwise.)
  • We will follow up to work with you on a return to school plan if your child is out because of illness. As we follow the MDH Decision Tree we will make a plan that follows the appropriate pathway.
Potty Before School
  • Blueberries, Strawberries, and potty-trained Huckleberries, please have your child go to the bathroom RIGHT before heading to school. This will help with getting the morning started without kiddos missing the gathering time in their classroom because of needing to go to the bathroom.
Your children bring light and joy and laughter to our days–thank you for entrusting them into our care! Our partnership as a Berry Patch community is helping us to THRIVE during this unconventional school year. Thank you for doing your part.
With Gratitude,
Molly Lounsberry Dykstra
Director, The Berry Patch