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January, 2021 Parent & Family Education

Dear Berry Patch Families,

We all know children learn through experience. This is also true with fine and gross motor skills. Small and large muscle motion are important for little ones as they learn to navigate their world. Recall your child as a baby, grasping an object. Think of the skills needed to accomplish that task: eye-hand coordination, small motor reflexes in the fingers, large motor skills in moving the arm, and more. The lesson in cause and effect as well as independence in accomplishing the movements without assistance all add to the learning curve.

According to CDC guidelines, young children (less than 5 years of age) need at least 60 minutes of vigorous activity per day. Unfortunately, the American Academy of Pediatrics has determined many children are falling short. “Sedentary activity for young children has been shown to range from 32.8 to 56.3 minutes per hour.”1 That’s a lot of inactivity!

January is a great time to make a change for your whole family. Begin with strict limits on screen time. Spend time outdoors where activity levels are typically higher for young children. Building a snowman, making snow angels or hiking in the local park looking animal tracks make for fun family time and get everyone moving. Creating a LEGO masterpiece, putting a puzzle together or preparing dinner as a family encourage the use of small/fine motor skills. Provide a variety of activities for your child: cutting with children’s scissors, using chopsticks, sorting blocks… ALL with supervision.

The Berry Patch School highlights a motor skill each month. Watch for the skills listed on your child’s monthly calendar. Encourage the skill of the month at home. In the classroom, lesson plans include fine and gross motor skills in all areas of the curriculum. Your child’s teacher can share specific activities.

I’m here to assist your family as well. Do you have parenting questions? Parent & Family Education is part of The Berry Patch School’s full program, without an additional fee. Contact me regarding any parenting dilemma ( Parent Tip Sheets are available on various hot topics too. Check with your child’s teacher or the Assistant Director at Calvary (Cara) or Colonial (Jenny) for a hard copy. And, you’re always able to find great resources on a variety of parenting topics on the LINKS PAGE at

Happy 2021! May your days be filled with joy and lots of physical activity!

All the best,
Becky Danielson, M.Ed.

Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health
and that all may go well with you…

3 John 1:2a

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