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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Pre-registration is required for Lunch Bunch/Afternoon Enrichment. Send a message to Admin via Brightwheel and Carrie will connect with you.

Call the school phone when you arrive and someone will meet you in the hallway.

We love celebrating birthdays at The Berry Patch! While it is fun to bring a special treat for your child’s birthday, please consider items other than sweet treats to share with your class. One fun idea is to donate a new library book for The Berry Patch Library.

If a food treat is important to your child, we request healthy, store-bought snacks. We cannot serve cake, cupcakes, candy, or bakery items. The sugary treats can be a distraction to the classroom. Due to food allergies, we also require that all snacks be nut-free. Please carefully read labels to avoid nut products. We do not allow nuts or products manufactured with nuts at school.

Please refer to the safe snack list given out for your child’s class at the beginning of the year to review any special accommodations required for your child’s classroom.

Our staff is happy to work closely with you as you navigate this process with your child. If you would like updates on your child’s progress while at The Berry Patch, let our staff know and check Brightwheel.

We define potty-trained as a child who is wearing underpants (not pull-ups or diapers), is able to communicate when he/she needs to go, and is able to go independently, with support.

While children entering our Raspberry and Huckleberry program are not required to be potty-trained, children entering our Blueberry and Strawberries are fully potty trained.

When you arrive, call the school phone. A staff person will meet you in the hallway.

Because we share classrooms with other classes, most students cannot leave extra clothes in their classrooms. Please talk with our staff if you have extenuating circumstances.

The Berry Patch generally follows the Edina Public School District’s plan for weather related closings and restrictions in order to stay consistent with our primary community. If we are closed or staying inside, we will notify you via Brightwheel as early as possible.

We are one school with two campuses.  Our teachers collaborate with planning, observation, and assessment within their age-group teams. Through monthly staff meetings and professional development days our school-wide staff comes together to focus on team-building, planning, and our own growth as lifelong learners through training in all areas of early childhood education. 

Each Campus has its own ‘flavor’.  Berry Patch East is located near the heart of downton Edina embedded in the neighborhoods that surround it in both South Minneapolis and East Edina.  Berry Patch West is set in the beautiful campus of Meetinghouse Church on the west side of Edina.  This setting offers endless opportunities to enhance learning with time spent outside.

While we do not have a religious component to our curriculum, our leaders are committed Christians who believe that the early years are an incredible opportunity for children to experience deep love and to learn to love others. This is the foundation of our own faith and what we hope to pass on to each of our berries. We thank God for our food and for each other at snack and meal times. We celebrate Christmas as Jesus’ birthday and our older students learn about special holidays celebrated by other faiths. We have families with many different faith backgrounds who are part of our school community and seek to honor the heritage of the families in each classroom.

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Billing FAQs

Invoices are sent on the 1st of each month and the 10th of each month.

All of our invoices and billing are sent through Brightwheel. You will be able to view your invoices and make payments directly through the app. 

View their invoices overview to learn more about their billing.

View our billing deadlines and schedule in our billing information document.

View all statements in your Brightwheel account under the Statements tab. For more information, view the Brightwheel information page.

FSA/HSA/Dependent Care Accounts are all accepted in your billing. View the setup information on the Brightwheel website.

Payments and billing are done through Brightwheel. You’ll get the best information from their frequently asked questions if you have any questions about your billing or payments. View the most asked questions about Brightwheel’s billing.

Brightwheel Support for Parents

Profile Basics

With Brightwheel, you can manage your payments, talk with your child’s teacher, and get updates from us. Having your profile up to date is important. Check out how to update and manage your profile with Brightwheel’s guide.

Adding family members to your account helps us communicate with you and let us know who is coming for pickup. If you want to add a profile on your Brightwheel account, follow this guide from Brightwheel.

Profile pictures help staff and personalize your profile. If you have questions about how to change the picture, check out Brightwheel’s guide.

Security is important to us and to Brightwheel. Check out their frequently asked questions about security to learn more.

Two-factor authentication enhances security, but can also be a nuisance. If you want to turn it off for your Brightwheel account, follow their guide.

Nannies are great caretakers, and we are happy to work with you to include them in your child’s care while at The Berry Patch. Check out how Brightwheel can accommodate for nannies to be able to pickup your child and receive notifications about The Berry Patch. 

Checking in your child to The Berry Patch is done through Brightwheel. See their guide for a quick scan check-in when you drop off your child at The Berry Patch.

Of course! We love sharing photos, and we hope you love seeing them. See Brightwheel’s guide to downloading photos to learn more.

Getting to know your child and building a community between parents and teachers is one of things we pride ourselves on at The Berry Patch. View this guide to see how you can share exciting moments with us.

Notifications help us keep in touch with you. Manage which notifications you get and which ones you need quiet with this guide from Brightwheel.

Brightwheel makes it easy to fill out the forms needed for us to effectively care for your child. View their guide on how to complete forms to help your child get the best experience.