For the Love of Learning™

Forms & Documents

For your convenience we have made the following forms available for you to download:


2019-2020 Cover Letter – Use this letter for more information on registration and tuition at either the Calvary Church or Colonial Church locations in Edina.

2019-2020 Registration Form – Use this form to register your child(ren) at either the Calvary Church or Colonial Church locations in Edina.

Beginning of the Year

The following forms are due ASAP for 2019-2020 students. All forms will be due no later than June 1, 2020 for 2020-2021 students.

Emergency Form

Health Care Summary – We must have a health care summary on file for each child in our program.

Immunization Signature Form AND Immunization Record (2 different items) – The state requires us to have a signed immunization form AND an immunization record from your pediatrician on file for each child in our program.  You may click this link for the Immunization Signature Form and request your child’s immunization record from your pediatrician. Please note that you do not need to transfer your immunization record to the Signature Form, simply sign it.  We can attach your child’s record to it.

Photo Release Form – We must have a photo release on file for each child in our program. Please return this for any child enrolled on or before the first day of classes.

Auto Withdrawal Form – Use this form to have your monthly invoice automatically paid from either your checking or savings account.

Let’s Get Acquainted! – It is important to us to know as much as we can about your child as the school year begins so that we can create the best possible environment for him or her. Please help us learn more by responding to these questions and returning this form to your child’s teacher at the Open House in September.