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February Director’s Newsletter

February 1, 2021

Sweet Berry Patch Families,

It was a wonderful month at The Berry Patch with TONS of outdoor play for our berries and many great learning experiences about winter, animals and their habitats, and deepening friendships.

The Social-Emotional development across all ages is extraordinary at this time of year. Walking into a Huckleberry classroom and seeing children who barely noticed each other in September engaging in in-depth cooperative play is astounding. The brain development that happens in these exchanges is a marvel. THIS ARTICLE speaks to the magic of what is going on during these moments.

Best of Edina

Thank you for your vote of confidence in the blessing of The Berry Patch experience. It was an honor to be chosen as #1 in last year’s vote. Our Berry Patch families, staff, and our little berries make for an amazing early learning and development community. The winners of our drawing for $100 Amazon Gift Cards are the families of:

**JOHN DUCKWORTH** (Colonial Huckleberry)

**LINCOLN HOOPER** (Calvary Blueberry)
Camp Sizzleberry
All berries had Camp information sent home in cubbies this week. REGISTRATION FOR ALL THREE SESSIONS WILL BE OPEN TO CURRENT FAMILIES ONLINE THIS MONDAY, FEBRUARY 1st AT 10 A.M.
Spring Travel Plans
As we head into February and March and many families are making plans to escape our Minnesota winter, I want to remind our community that the MDH Guidelines continue to recommend Quarantine after travel outside of Minnesota. We will continue to follow the MDH Guidelines as set forth in our COVID-19 Preparedness Plan. 

  • We do allow for the alternate 7-day (with negative test taken 5 days after return) and 10-day (without test) Quarantine options for travel related absences.
  • If a Parent or Guardian travels without their Berry Patch child, we ask that you line up an alternative person to drop off/pick up your child during the recommended Quarantine window.
  • Please let us know of any upcoming travel plans for your family and/or alternate Guardians who will be dropping off/picking up your child because of personal travel.
We look forward to our February plans as your child explores the theme of Space sprinkled in with lots of Valentine love and celebration.

As always, please reach out with any questions or concerns.