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December Director’s Newsletter

December 6, 2021

We loved our time with families during conferences. This is a highlight for our staff as they get to share with you about your child’s days at The Berry Patch. Thank you for taking the time to meet with your child’s teacher! As we head into winter, there are lots of things to let you know about and reminders to be shared. 

2022-23 Registration
It’s already time to be thinking about your child’s NEXT year at The Berry Patch (how is that possible!?) Registration information is live on our website now and will be passed out to classrooms this week. Online registration occurs for current families beginning at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, January 10th.

We also have lots of tour dates available (also on our website.) These are filling up as each one is limited to 4 families. We would love to have your friends and neighbors visit! As families register, they will let us know if the were referred to us by a current family and your registration fee will be waived!

Christmas Surprise for our Berries
Santa will be visiting our classrooms soon! He is bringing a special Christmas treat for snack time AND his reindeers’ best friends, the Christmas Llamas! We can’t wait for all the excitement. Your child’s classroom teacher will let you know when their class will be outside seeing the Llamas and if you are able and would like to stop by to see the fun you are more than welcome! 

COVID Reminders
We continue to work diligently to keep our classrooms open as much as possible, even with very high levels of community transmission of COVID in Minnesota. Thank you for your efforts as a family! These practices help make this possible:

  • Keeping your child home when he/she has any cold/COVID symptoms.
  • Having your 5 year-old get their COVID vaccination— we have lots of proud Strawberries coming to school letting us know, “I’m vaccinated!” 
  • Having your child wear a mask to school if they are 2 or older. We have a lot of students successfully wearing masks- all the way down to some of our Huckleberries. While sometimes hesitant at first, most children easily wear them throughout the morning. While there is no fool-proof way to keep COVID at bay, mask-wearing can help to stop/slow classroom spread if there is a classroom close contact situation. Winter break would be a great time to have your child practice wearing a mask.

Two “Housekeeping” Items

  • Our threshold for heading to the gym instead of outside to play is a ‘feels like’ temperature of 10 degrees (this is temperature with wind chilled factored in.)
  • For those of you who missed Curriculum Night— click HERE for a link to the webinar. We have the handouts for each age-group that are referenced. If you’d like them, ask Cara (Calvary) or Jenny (Colonial) for a set.

I hope that you are able to have some time this month as a family to slow down and enjoy this special season. For those of you celebrating Christmas may your Advent time, the waiting in the darkest days of winter for the Light of Christ to come, be blessed. For our families who have just celebrated Hanukah, are awaiting Kwanzaa, or other important holidays, may your gatherings also be blessed. 

With Love, Joy, and Peace,

Molly Lounsberry Dykstra
Director/Co-Owner, The Berry Patch Schools